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Welcome to a New Year

We are very excited to begin a new year in the Ranchview High School band program. We want to welcome our new freshmen to the Ranchview band family. We look forward to meeting each of you as you begin your journey into high school.

Over the summer, the members of the band will meet for various rehearsals to prepare for the upcoming marching season. It is vital that all members of the band attend all the rehearsals during summer band camp. During these rehearsals, we will learn a large portion of our marching show, prepare our stand tunes, and learn all the music we will be performing throughout the marching season.

We will begin with leadership camp on June 13th through June 14th from 8am to 4pm at Ranchview High School. This is a great opportunity for our leadership to receive training for the upcoming year. Only the Ranchview Band leadership will need to attend this camp.

In July we will begin our percussion camp. All of our percussion students will attend these rehearsals in order to get a head start for next year. All percussion students will rehearse on July 23rd through July 27th from 8am to 4pm.

On July 30th we will begin three weeks of summer band rehearsals before school begins. This is required for all members of the Ranchview band. We will have rehearsals Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm starting on July 30th through August 10th. During the third week of summer band, we will rehearse from 5pm to 8pm starting August 13th through August 17th.

During these three weeks, we will learn the marching show drill, marching show music, all-region music, and all our stand tunes. These rehearsals will prepare us for our first football game on August 31st and better prepare us for the upcoming marching competitions in October.

We hope you are excited about the upcoming school year. We are very excited about next year’s marching show. We have so many great ideas on how to make our show competitive and exciting for our audience. It is going to be an exciting marching season and we look forward to another successful year! We hope you are excited to begin another year in the award winning Ranchview High School Band!


Jason J. Myers

Director of Bands Ranchview High School

Andrew Blezinger

Associate Band Director

Ranchview High School

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