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Mission/Culture Statement


The band’s culture statement defines what the band wants to be known for: campus and community leaders, who embrace change, thrive on creativity and achieve goals. The band’s mission is to “promote excellence in music, to build trust in each other, to set a high standard of performance in our region, area and state and to develop character and integrity in every individual as a whole.”


Culture Statement
We are proud to be a supportive community with a feed-back rich environment that embraces change, values diversity and learns from our experiences.  We thrive on creative and innovative ideas, which add value for all students, parents, community, and the band staff.  We achieve our goals because we are accountable for our contributions to the Ranchview High School Band.  We have a passion to succeed together and celebrate our accomplishments.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually offer the finest quality education to our students in all facets of the program and to impart an understanding of the values of self-discipline, hard work, commitment, and teamwork. We encourage our members to always strive for excellence and to continuously improve themselves in their advancing education in the program.


Our focus is articulated through the following acronym:


Ready yourself for a challenge
Hard work pays off
Strong practice makes strong performance


Be prepared
Attitude is everything
Never give up
Demand greatness from yourself and others



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